Life in Bretonshire is great – if you are lucky enough to be born an elf. For everyone else, life under elvin rule can be a never ending struggle just to get by.

In the last few centuries the elves have spread their oppressive influence throughout the lands of Orbis, destroying native cultures as they introduced, and quickly enforced, their customs, laws, and taxes. Magic, which once flourished, is now strictly regulated by elvin law and it’s use is forbidden to everyone except “pure” elves. All people are free to worship whatever god they please… as long as they acknowledge the elvin gods, Soliss and Lunaa, as superior.

Any sparks of rebellion that have risen over the years have been almost immediately extinguished. Most people have come to accept elvish tyranny as a sad fact of life, but some remain hopeful.

Across the sea lies an untamed land, a haven for those seeking solace from Elvendom. The elves, not wanting to spare the resources needed for full subjugation, have greatly left the colonies to their own governing. Magic, while still taboo to many, has begun to emerge once more. In New Bretonshire a man can live relatively free, but that’s not to say life is easy. The land is wild and full of twisted monsters, evil artifacts, and dark magic. To the west lies the Hinter, an area entirely unexplored and shrouded in mystery and superstition. This new continent is also home to many tribes of Orcs, some of which are less then thrilled about their new neighbors.

People have come to the New Bretonshire colonies for many reasons. Some see an opportunity to find their fortune, others just want to worship the gods on their own terms. Some seek arcane knowledge, and others arrive purely for the promise of adventure. Though they come from all over Orbis, from all walks of life, and for many different reasons… all of them will find more then they ever dreamt possible.

New Bretonshire

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